Book Review: Constructed of Magic

Book Review

Constructed of Magic

And other poems on the Immortalility

of the Human Spirit

By Louis Alan Swartz

Genre: Poems

Publisher: Hugo House

Description from Amazon: What Would Life be Like if You Knew You Were an Immortal Spiritual Being? “It is my viewpoint that each man has his own unique magnificence regardless of race, religion, nation, tribe, station in life, customs and beliefs…,” so writes poet, Louis Alan Swartz. Constructed of Magic and Other Poems on the Immortality of the Human Spirit is a refreshing collection of poems that explore the beauty of who we are as spiritual beings. Our ability to love, dream, create futures, even die with dignity are all part of who we are and why we are here. These poems don’t pretend to give final answers to any of the big questions about life, but they do help us to look and come to our own understanding. “This book is a testament to the poet’s vision-an understanding and appreciation for the spiritual and aesthetic nature of mankind.”

My Review: This is a nice collection of poems that are grouped into different categories such as death, love, spirits, hope, immortality, angels, etc. The poems are not intimidating or too hard to understand as poems can sometimes be. I did feel a sense of pride in the divine within me while reading these poems and they did make me want to honor my inner spirit and be a better person and not waste the life I have on this earth.

One of my favorite parts about this collection were the beautiful illustrations by Swartz scattered throughout. I wish there had been more!

My only complaint about this book was that certain words had an asterisk next to them and the definition of that word followed after the poem. The asterisk was a distraction while reading the poem and the definitions seemed unnecessary and frankly were an insult to my intelligence.

Overall this was a very enjoyable collection of poems that I can plainly see were a labor of love.

A couple of my favorite poems:

The following poem was especially meaningful to me because I am taking a 4 hour class this week called “Recapturing Your Inner Child.”

       Child Again

Reacquaint him with his own
Personal creativity,
Help him to regain touch with
His native joy,
His individual benevlolence,
His unlimited desire to help,
His natural inclination to do the right thing,
His innate kindness.
Remember him
His inborn artistry,
His inherent gentility,
His wonder,
His humor,
His fun.
Help him to feel his way back to
His singular humility,
His purpose to be free,
Awareness of his immortality,
Affirmation of spiritual constancy,
His place in eternity.

I have to share a few excerpts from my favorite poem in the collection; a poem called “Spirit”.


The actual spirit is neither gossamer

nor ethereal by nature,

though could be as it wished.

A spirit can be thunderous,

as solid and muscular as a sumo Wrestler

or as sweet and soft as baby skin.


A spirit can be utterly robust

And in your face.

Belly laughter and drunken

passion, brawling, boisterous

and strong of lung

in one minute

and deer silent, delicately quiet

and alert in the next.


He is fisherman in a terrible storm

strapped to the mast and hanging on.

He is making steel

He is out in the fields

working and sweating and singing song.


My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

4 out of 5 stars

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Copy provided free for honest review.

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