Book Review: How did Nonnie get to Heaven? By Arlene Bronstein

Amazon Description:

When the Brown triplets grandmother dies, they hear from everyone that she is now in HEAVEN. They learn that it is a wonderful place to live, but no one can tell them “how” she got to her new home. Using their imagination, the children come up with delightful ways to understand this important “journey”. This book explores the life-cycle event of losing someone you love. It allows for a child’s imagination to help bring a sense of peace to sad events. It takes the death of a loved one and allows the whole family to reflect and heal.

My Review:

Fun, bright, and magical are not words that I would typically use to describe a book about death, but that is exactly what Bronstein’s book is. So many children have or will lose their grandparent and this book is a perfect companion after such a loss and can be catered to believers of various faiths. I lost my mother last year and my four children very much enjoyed this book. After reading it, they started to come up with their own ideas about how grandma got to heaven after she died. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has children dealing with the loss of a grandparent.

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5 stars!

five-star rating

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