Book Review: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and a Turkey Sandwich

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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

and My Bomb Turkey Sandwich recipe

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Love at first sight is possible because I experienced it myself.When I was 16 years old I was at a house party, sitting alone, lamenting the fact that my best friend was making-out with a guy she just met in the upstairs bedroom and nobody (no boy) was paying attention to me. Eventually, a brown-haired, cute (but wasted) guy (21 yrs. old) came up to me, introduced himself, “Hi, my name’s Dan,” and asked me if I wanted to go into his friend’s room to “talk”. I knew he didn’t have any intentions of talking so I turned him down with a polite, “no thank you,” and that was the end of that conversation. About a month later, I was at a different house party with a different friend and I saw Dan’s tall figure across the room. I wondered if he saw me if he would remember me from the month before. He had an angry disposition about him but I kind of just watched him for a while and then I just had the thought, “I think that’s my future husband.” It wasn’t just a thought, though. It was a feeling that permeated through me. He never saw me and we never spoke that night.

About a year and a half later, I was in the passenger seat of my best friend’s car. We were waiting for people to arrive at the meeting place (a friend’s house) before caravanning to the desert for a bonfire party. Two guys approached my friend’s car and the  tall, dark-haired one asked if he and his friend could ride in our car to the desert. He said to me, “get out and sit next to my friend in the back and I’ll sit up front. Boy girl, boy girl.” I popped out of the car and sat in the back seat, the shorter guy sliding in next to me. During the drive, I completely ignored the boy sitting next to me–all my attention was focused on the cute guy sitting next to my best friend. I was intrigued by the way he was engaging in conversation with her. He was completely focused on her, asking her every question under the sky and acting genuinely interested in the answers she gave him. I remember thinking, “This is just the kind of guy I have imagined myself marrying.”  I thought I recognized him but I couldn’t quite figure out who he was. After the bonfire party, a group of people went to someone’s house to hang out. We were all sitting in the family room. I chose a spot next to one of Dan’s friends and struck up a conversation with him. Dan would tell me later, that it was when I was sitting next to his friend on the couch, that he watched me jealously from across the room and knew then that I was his future wife.

We didn’t talk. He didn’t get my phone number either. 2 months later, I ran into him at the bowling alley. His first words to me were, “Molly Mason, where have you been the past two months, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” I was surprised because I didn’t even think he knew my name.

We sat down and had our first real conversation. It was electric. I knew I would marry this person, have his children, grow old with him.He got my phone number. He never called.

A month later, we ran into each other in the Salt Lake City Airport. We were taking the same flight home to Phoenix. We didn’t sit next to each other though because I was traveling with family and he was traveling home with friends after a snowboarding trip.

At the time, Dan had a girlfriend, but later I would find out that he pointed me out to his friend (I was sitting a few rows up), and said, “That’s the girl I’ve been talking to you about. That’s the girl I’m going to marry.”

Maybe a month later we ran into each other at the bowling alley again (I don’t know why Dan was always at the bowling alley (he never bowled. he would just sit around with friends). I  had a reason to be there. I was taking a bowling correspondence course because my mom made me drop out of High school mid-way through the first semester of my senior year. By the time 2nd semester came I desperately wanted to graduate high school. I convinced my mom to let me go back to school.I had to take 10 classes that year to graduate. Bowling was one of those classes). Anyway, he finally got my phone number again (he lost the first one) and he called me that Saturday at 10 a.m., waking me up, telling me he was going to see an 11 o’clock movie and would I come with him? I did and we were pretty much attached from then on, marrying a year later.

 My Review: What girl hasn’t had the fantasy of meeting and falling for a guy on an airplane ride? This is a quick, fun, romantic read that is the fulfillment of every girl’s airplane romance fantasies.

It is uncanny how much I personally related to Hadley and Oliver. I related to Hadley because she is struggling with the  fact that her father has left her mother to start a new life with another woman–something my father did. And Oliver, because he is dealing with the death of a loved one whom he didn’t have a very solid relationship with–a trial that I’ve also faced.

All in all, this read was enjoyable and I loved that I could cozy up and finish in one sitting.

4 out of 5 Stars!

Food quote from Book: “She dissects her dinner with all the care of a biology experiment.”

Molly’s Bomb Turkey Sandwich Recipe

  • Bread (Obvi)
  • Turkey (don’t be lazy. Get the fresh sliced Turkey from the supermarket Deli)
  • Havarti cheese
  • avacado
  • Bacon
  • Purple onion
  • sprouts
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • salt and pepper
  • mayo (yes, Mayo. Hadley, from Stat. Prob. of Love @ 1st Sight would be appalled)

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