Forces of Evil

Additional Writings

love story historical war romance

“Deleted Scenes” from Dennis and Greer: A Love Story

August 6,1965


I have tried for two or three hours to write you a letter but I keep tearing up the pages. I will say only that I am struggling mightily with the forces of evil within and around me, that the only thing which sustains me in the long drawn trials of vigilance is my basic will to fight for joy, for laughter, for life with you, my love for you. I need your love and your counsel and all the things you put in your letters and I need them every day. I don’t feel worthy of you, Greer. My life is yours, and oh how I wish I could express my love for you, all praises upon you; you have saved Life for me.

All my tomorrows are yours,



August 7, 1965


The battle raged all day with heavy casualties on both sides, but I think I won! Evil is on the retreat, and as I put it before, now is left the long drawn trials of vigilance to prevent a sneak attack when I am not on guard but my battles are always hotly fervent and short-lived, because I could never spar and parry with myself; it’s always a head-on clash of such intensity that one side or the other will soon tire. It’s been nip and tuck all the way until now, when I for the first time feel like my own master, and I have your love to thank for that—and your letters, I don’t know what I would do without them. Probably lose. So you see that if you ever withhold your love from me, you will be delivering me into the hands of Satan, a very grave sin. The little short letter you received was a cry for reinforcements, sent in the midst of an enemy attack, and though it has been momentarily repulsed, the request still stands. I feel unpreoccupied enough now to carry out my end of the bargain.

-Dennis King

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