Welfare: An Opinion Piece

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dangers of welfare

“deleted scene” from Dennis and Greer: A Love Story

Copyright © 2017 by Molly Gould

Walker beside me in our clear direction;

Need or poverty. Who deserves the material of life, those who need only or those who produce, whether they need or not? Who is more deserving, if you were to be in charge of the disposition of all goods produced—those who produced them or those who need them? To fulfill need is to follow a Robin Hood ideal of supplying needs with no regards to the producer. Can society exist with a class which need only and does not produce? Historically it has not. The Roman Emperors who scorned the producer farmers who supplied, who produced the food that was given to the massive number of needers in the streets, did not see this and it was one of the downfalls of their society. The producers were discounted and the parasite or needing class was supported. Naturally it expanded to great proportions, and the power of the people came to rest in this public supported mob of non-workers. This is what scares me about America.

The purely welfare segment of society under its present state, with the direction our economy is taking, along with that of our population, must expand. The needers will gain power among the liberal public administration. The producers will be taxed heavier, and have less influence, and our society will begin to slip. Because a liberal stand on need allows too many needers, human nature will not stand up under the allowance of nonproduction.

It is degrading for man. He must produce, all that is noble in him drives him to produce, but if it is a choice between produce and not produce and still get by, history has answered this for us. That he who does not produce or does not produce well enough will fail is the capitalist backbone of our society.

We are heading too far into welfare, and for this reason (however muddled it is), I am moving toward the conservative stand on our economy and on welfare. I don’t abandon all my liberal feelings, because there are too many things to be changed, but I want to tell you that as far as Barry Boldwater is concerned I have been doing some reading by him and about him and I came to the conclusion that whatever is was I had against him in 64 was an impression and not very well founded. I really didn’t know what he believed, as most people didn’t, I just didn’t trust him. If I can bring myself to not be so impressionable in the future, maybe politics won’t be a disagreement with us, and in the next election we will both vote for the same person.

Waiter in pain of protracted longing,

Soon. Count the days on both hands.


Copyright © 2017 by Molly Gould


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