Hippies: Those Filthy Pigs

Additional Writings


“Deleted Scene” from Dennis and Greer: A Love Story

October 30, 1967

“…Speaking of trash, you should see the teenagers in this area. I’m just curious to see how long into the winter they will go without any shoes. They are truly a revolting bunch of people. They are positively filthy pigs. They are everywhere. You should see the places they live. The yards look like a garbage dump and the cars are strictly from there, all painted (along with the house) in brilliant psychedelic colors and patterns. It’s all quite weird. Palo Alto is certainly getting a new face. The older people really resent it as the Hippies are taking over a lot of the areas that used to be quiet little neighborhoods of retired old people. The influence is really shown on the high schools around here and most of the fellows have long hair, no shoes, horrid clothes, etc.” -Greer King

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