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I lived in the wilderness for 28 days when I was 16 years old (I’m your go-to-girl in the zombie apocalypse). I now confine myself indoors, AC full-blast in sunny AZ. Occasionally, I’ll brave the scorching heat with my husband and four children.

When I’m not reading books, you can find me on a mountain hiking, or on a court, smashing a tennis ball.  I am an ASU graduate and the editor of Dennis and Greer: A Love Story.

I use this blog to talk about books I’ve read and share additional writings from Dennis and Greer.

How did Dennis and Greer come about?

love letters

After my mother passed away, I inherited a box of journals and letters that I had never before seen. The letters are between my mother and a man that came before my father.

My book, Dennis and Greer: A Love Story, is a collection of those letters and my mother’s journal entries add narration throughout the book.

This blog is where I share information about Dennis and Greer, including additional writings that did not make it to the book.

I also love to talk about my favorite reads.

To see my artwork and favorite quotes from Dennis and Greer,

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Contact me at mdsagould@gmail.com if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy!

I do not respond to review requests.

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