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My name is Molly Gould and I love my sunny state, AZ. I am an ASU graduate, wife and mother of 4. I enjoy painting, reading and playing tennis. I am the editor of Dennis and Greer: A Love Story






How did Dennis and Greer come about?

love letters

After my mother passed away, I inherited a box of journals and letters that I had never before seen. The letters are between my mother and a man that came before my father.

My book, Dennis and Greer: A Love Story, is a collection of those letters and my mother’s journal entries add narration throughout the book.

This blog is where I share information about Dennis and Greer, including additional writings that did not make it to the book.

I also love to talk about my favorite reads.

To see my artwork and favorite quotes from Dennis and Greer,

follow me on Instagram: @gouldmolly

Contact me at mdsagould@gmail.com if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy!

I do not respond to review requests.

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