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“A Rugged Man Who Neither Drank Nor Smoked”

Additional Writings

“deleted scene” from Dennis and Greer: A Love Story

true nonfiction love story letters

“A girl who knew him said he was “all teeth and eyes.” A fellow Marine described him as a “rugged man who neither drank nor smoke.” He never ventured to describe himself but did so time and again, unknowingly, in his many letters to me. All his gentleness, his roughness, his enthusiasm came through in his letters and a letter was simply another meeting with Dennis, they were never cold or dissatisfying as letters often are.

They were Dennis. He sent a part of himself in each one, holding back nothing.

Having known each other for only 2 months when we began writing each other, the letters were indeed revealing and proved a delightful way to come to know Dennis.”  -Greer King