One thought on “Molly’s Favorite Books

  1. Sharon Cramer

    Hi Mollyy,

    My name is Sharon Cramer and I am an author. I discovered your blog and noticed that you seem to enjoy genres that I write within. I would love to send you one or all of the three book series, The Wintergrave Chronicles, in whatever format you prefer. I’m also very interested in doing an author chat/interview/giveaway.

    If you enjoy the book(s) and choose to review them, that would also be fantastic.

    The three books in the chronicles are The Execution, Risen, and Niveus, and the genre is a cross selection of Medieval, Romance, Paranormal, Action, Adventure, Thriller. This series has been released by me as an Indie author and has been well received, but I would love for it to become more mainstream and am most interested in having bloggers opinions on the work.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your kind consideration. I appreciate you and your blog!

    Sincerely, Sharon

    Sharon Cramer



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